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Atlas Removals also offers a packing service to all our customers, just another way we can make your move a little less stressful.
Our priority is to handle and protect your valued possessions with maximum care during furniture removals. With this in mind we use only the highest quality packing materials for all our furniture removals.

So what packing material do we use?

  • Cartons (cardboard boxes) of various sizes, including Wardrobe Cartons which offers safe and almost crease free transportation of clothing on their hangers.
  • Bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard and clean white paper cater for all your special wrapping needs during furniture removals.
  • Durable plastic and plastic covers to protect all your mattresses, fabric and leather furniture.
  • Wooden crates are also made to order on request for particularly fragile, rare and expensive items like artwork, antiques or even plasma TV’s.
  • All our vehicles are equipped with clean durable packing blankets.

How does the packing service work?
We offer three kinds of packing options to fit every demand, wheather it be demands on the pocket or on your valuable time.

Full Packing Service
With a full packing service we will come to your home and pack everything for you, all your valuables will be carefully packed into cartons and your other furniture properly wrapped for maximum protection using the correct protective materials, as needed during our furniture removals.

Depending on size of the move, packing and wrapping is usually done the day before a move, the packing of smaller moves will be done on the day of the move.
The cost of the full packing service, including the materials used, is carefully calculated and is excluded in the cost of your move (unless otherwise stated on your quote).
If there are particularly fragile or sentimental items that you would prefer to pack or wrap yourselves you are most welcome to do so.

Partial Packing Service
With this service we give you the opportunity to save a few pennies by packing your own valuables into cartons- which we can supply and we will then wrap all your larger furniture in special or protective wrapping on the day of the removal as requested by you. This also affords you full control of what is wrapped and the expenses incurred.

  • The cost is calculated according to the amount of packaging used on the day of the packing.
  • The cost of the packaging used is then added to the outstanding amount due for the move. (unless it has been included into the price you have been quoted)
  • Be mindful of how heavy you make the cartons as the bottoms may give way if over filled, and our staff will still have to be able to lift them!

Self packing
We will also gladly supply all packaging material for your move should you decide to do all the packing yourselves. We will even deliver the packing material to your home for a minimal fee of R150.

Anything else i need to know about packing?
We do also unpack your belongings from the vehicle and place all items moved into the designated rooms of your home as per your request. We will not, however, unpack carton contents into drawers and cupboards.

Once you have fully unpacked, we will remove all the used packing materials just give us a call!.

Call us for all your furniture removals, storage and packing needs or visit our household or office quotations page for a free quote.

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