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I need piece of mind? What cover do I need?

Although every care is taken while doing your move, packing, or storing your possessions, we cannot guarantee against accidental damage or loss. With this in mind we offer two forms of insurance for your move, an “all risk cover” and a “total loss” cover.

Total Loss Cover

Total loss cover is a cover that insures your property in the event that our vehicle transporting your property during furniture removals, is hijacked, stolen, is involved in an accident or burns out.
No Breakages or damage is included.
The premium percentage is calculated at 1.5%.

All Risks Cover

All risk cover is the fully comprehensive cover that covers all the aspects of total loss cover including any damage or loss to your property while in transit during furniture removals.
The premium is calculated at 2%

How is the premium calculated?

The Fee or premium for the Protection Scheme, is calculated as a percentage of the total you want to insure for. This Fee or premium is a once off charge, and is then added to the cost of your move
We must point out that this Protection Scheme is a transit only Protection Scheme. ”
Below is an example on how we calculate the cost of your insurance premium:

If the value you want to protect is R10,000.00 then

For all risk cover @ 2% of R10,000 ( 10,000 x 2% ) the premium will be R200,00
For total loss cover @ 1.5% of R10,000 ( 10,000 x 1.5% )the premium will be R150,00

If in the unlikely event that you have to make a claim for any reason there is an excess fee of 10%  minimum R2500.

Anything else I need to know about the Protection Scheme?

Boxes that are ” packed by owner” are not insurable. All risk cover is not available to moves that are not fully packed and wrapped with the appropriate protective materials.

Your property is only covered while it is being transported on our vehicles or “in transit”

Approach your current household insurance provider to insure your move.You already pay them for insurance!!

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