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*Are Trucks Allowed/Able to get into your Complex/Gate


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Reception / Office / Passage

Bean Bag/ Ottoman                                  Bench                                                        Bookcase (small)


Bookcase (medium)                                  Bookcase (large)                                       Bureau


Carpet/Rug Tables                                    Chairs                                                       Chest


Chest of Drawers                                      Computer                                                  Computer Stand


Couch ( 1 Seater)                                     Couch ( 2 Seater)                                      Couch ( 3 Seater)


Credenzas                                                Curtains & Pelmets                                      Desk


Display Cabinate                                      Dustbin                                                      Grandfather Clock


Hat Strand                                                 Hi-Fi                                                          Hi-Fi and Speckers


Home Theatre System                              Lamp (side)                                               Lamp (Stand)


Lazy Boy                                                   Pictures / Mirror                                        Room Divider


Satellite Dish                                             Server                                                       Sleeper Couch


Speakers                                                  Suite cases                                                Tables (coffee)


Tables (Dinning)                                        Tables(Lamp / Side)                                  Trunks


TV                                                             TV Cabinet                                                TV Trolley


Wall Unit (1 Piece)                                    Wall Unite (2 Piece)                                   Wall Unit (3 Piece)


Wardrobe (1 Door)                                    Wardrobe (2 Door)                                     Wardrobe (3 Door)


Wine Rack

Kitchen / Laundry / Scullery

Cabinet/Cupboards                                   Chair                                                         Deep Freeze


Dishwasher                                               Dustbin                                                      Fan


Griller                                                        High Chair                                                 Ironing Board


Ironing Press                                             Microwave                                                Mops / Brooms / etc.


Refrigerator                                                Stool                                                         Stove


Table                                                         Tumble Dryer                                            TV


Vacuum Cleaner                                       Vegetable Rack                                         Washing Machine


Bedrooms / Playroom / Study

Bed (Bunk)                                                Bed (Single)                                              Bed (Double)


Bed (Queen) small                                   Bed (King)                                                 Bedside Table / Stool


Bookcase                                                  Bureau                                                      Cabinet


Carpet / Rug                                               Chair                                                        Chest


Computer                                                  Cot / Compactum                                      Couch (1 Seater)


Couch (2 Seater)                                       Couch (3 Seater)                                       Curtains & Pelmets


Desk / Table                                              Dressing Table                                          Exercise Bike / Treadmill


Fan                                                            Filing Cabinet                                            Headboard / Foot end


Heater                                                       Hi-Fi                                                          Kist / Toy Box


Lamp                                                         Laundry Bin                                               Pictures / Mirrors


Printer / Fax / Copier                                 Sleeper Couch                                          Toys


TV                                                             TV Cabinet                                                 Video / MNET / DSTV


Wall Unit

Garden / Garage / Storeroom

Bicycles                                                     Bin                                                            Bird (Bath)


Bird (Cage)                                                Bench                                                       Braai (Small)


Braai (Medium)                                         Braai (Large)                                             Cabinet


Camping Equipment                                 Canoe                                                        Chair


Chairs (Folding)                                        Chairs (Stacking)                                       Circular Saw


Cooler Box                                                Dart Board                                                 Fish Tank


Freezer                                                     Fridge                                                        Golf Clubs


Kennel (Small)                                          Kennel (Medium)                                       Kennel (Large)


Ladder                                                      Lawnmower                                                Loungers


Sand Pit                                                    Slide                                                          Spade / Fork / Rake etc


Surfboard                                                  Table (Garden)                                          Timber


Toolbox                                                    Trunk / Kist                                                 Umbrella


Wheelbarrow                                             Workbench (Large)


Miscellaneous Items

Boxes(standarrd)                                                                             Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Boxes(linen)                                                                                      Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Boxes(Wardrobe)                                                                              Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Boxes(Glassware/Crockery)&                                                          Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Pot Plant(small)                                                                                 Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Pot PlantMedium)                                                                              Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Pot Plant(Large)                                                                               Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Safe                                                                                                     Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Paino/Organ                                                                                       Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Swing                                                                                                  Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Jungle Gym                                                                                        Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Lathe                                                                                                   Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Water Feature                                                                                    Quantity                                                                                                        Discription/Dimensions


Special Requirements / Any Comments / Anything else we need to know?


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