Professional furniture removals and commercial carriers.

Does Atlas Removals have the correct vehicles and equipment to handle my furniture?

Atlas Removals operate a fleet of fully enclosed furniture vans and containers equipped with high quality packing materials manufactured exclusively for the furniture removal industry. This ensures that your valuable furniture items are covered and protected whilst being transported.

Are my goods insured while they are being removed?

They offer a variety of different insurance covers. Please ask Atlas Removals about their competitive rates.
Will you pack my china, glassware and other household effects?

They will pack as much or as little of your household contents as you request. All you need to do is show their estimator exactly what you want done.

Will you give me an accurate quotation?

Yes we will. You can fill out and send the Free Quotation form here to get an accurate quotation, or you can have an experienced estimator call out to your house to assess exactly what you require. At the same time the representative will be able to answer your questions and offer advice on all aspects of your removal.

How best to prepare for storage of my valuables?

Wash woollens
Ensure there are no flammable liquids, perishable goods or hazardous items.
Check you have not packed important documents, passports, travellers cheques, medical and tax records, licences etc.
What are the criteria for choosing a removalist?

Ask people for referrals
Proceed to check out companies for their professionalism in all areas
Do the staff receive regular training, wear uniforms?
Is the equipment, warehouse, clean and well maintained?
Value for money, given the services that are provided
How much of their business is repeat business
Is a written quotation available.
Ensure the terms and conditions of the contract are clear. Is the method and timing of payment satisfactory?

Are there items I cannot transport?

Yes, among others:

  • Pressure packs
  • Flammable goods, liquids or gases
  • Toxins and Poisons
  • Explosives, matches, batteries
  • Firearms
  • Corrosives
  • Radioactive materials
  • Items prohibited for export / import as declared by the Government